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What is Smart School Manager?

Smart School Manager is the first 100% web based ERP management platform for schools, colleges, training centers, language school, coaching institutes and tuition centers that integrates academic, HR and financial management.

Through a powerful and user friendly management area you can manage the essential areas of your school. Our platform contemplates the complete life cycle of the student, be it academic or financial, and includes the necessary tools for an optimal management of time, space and resources, in addition to proposing new business opportunities.

All Connected - Teachers, Students and Parents

Improve communication between your teachers, students and parents. Check class schedules, homework, attendance and live classes, download files, send instant messages and implement online payments.

All of this is possible through our Smart School Software. Without the need for any type of installation on your computer, you can access your school wherever you are, either through a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

Virtual Campus

Smart School Manager provides access to members of your educational community. All the functionalities that your school may need can be managed from the same platform.

Your students, parents and teaching team will have direct access to their private area and from there use the multiple services that you will make available to them.

Most Affordable School Management Software

There is No Monthly/Yearly Charges

School Management Software System

Total Control

If you are concerned about the security of your important data, then our software is best option for you. Smart School Software will be installed on your own web server and you have complete control.

Best School Management Software

Multiple devices

Smart School Software allows access to the management area from multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and even mobile devices.

Best School ERP Software App

All in One

All the options and features you can expect from an academic management software are included. This is the most flexible and complete solution on the market.

Best School Management Software

Accessible 24/7

Obtain the necessary information for decision making. Select one of the hundreds of reports available or create your own. Filter, group and export the content and share it with the rest of your team members.