5 effective tips for studying at home during school are closed due to Corona

How to make learning at home as effective as at school? Here are the tips to keep your learning activities at home effective and fun. 

Create your own version of the “learning angle”

Get out of your room and explore a comfortable place around the house so you can “do magic” in a new learning place at home. For example, try to study on the terrace next to the house or near the house’s balcony. Just use a portable desk and a rug to study there. If you are more comfortable studying in the room, decorating your desk is as creative as possible to increase the learning spirit.

Online study groups 

If you enjoy group learning, usually at home, not bad is still going on, but online. This can be by video call or by phone. It can even make a conference call if the number of your friends is more than one person. So you can still interact, right?

Prepare snacks

While you are not fasting asleep, enough chewing advised knowing to stay focused. But don’t be so busy eating only yes! Try to eat nutritious snacks to maintain your stamina so that the virus is not easily attacked. Snacks you can eat, such as fruit, nuts, cheese, and yogurt. Yum!

Take advantage of the latest online learning facilities.  

In its announcement, the governments also called on students to change the online learning process, as places and classes for informal education must be closed.

You can take advantage of this online learning facility. You can learn using Smart School Manager every day, like studying at school. Different teaching channels are covering all subjects for all levels according to the national curriculum, inserted and published by your teachers.

Make sure stationery and gadgets are always clean.

Coronavirus can be transmitted through bodily fluids such as sweat. We can get it from the coronavirus, which attaches to objects such as stationery, mouse, and gadgets, especially if you share with other people when using these items. It is a good idea to spray the disinfectant before use and always wash your hands after each use.

These are five tips for learning how to have fun at home to stay effective, like at school—no need to panic to face the corona. The important thing is to keep your health and cleanliness eh !