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What is e-learning and how can it help my school?

Knowing what e-learning is will help your school get the most benefits from this type of learning.

Today, many educational institutions include e-learning among their different study modalities. But what exactly is it about? And above all, how can it benefit your school?

The term e-learning is the abbreviation for English electronic learning, literally electronic learning. It refers to a teaching-learning process that is carried out using ICT or Information and Communication Technologies.

The benefits found by those who implement this system in their educational institutions are the reduction of costs and the possibility of accessing a greater number of students by providing personalized attention.

Precisely, one of the main characteristics of e-learning is its flexibility. On the one hand, students can access instructional content anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an electronic device with Internet access.

On the other hand, technology offers a huge amount of resources to carry out the teaching process. The contents can be updated quickly and easily; feedback and tutoring are provided immediately.

However, e-learning implies the use of diverse teaching strategies and pedagogical tools to get the most out of this modality. One of the reasons why the implementation of e-learning tends to fail is precisely the belief that it is enough to transfer resources from traditional classrooms to electronic devices.

Unlike traditional classes, e-learning is interactive and dynamic; it requires the design of multimedia materials that take into account the different learning styles and the creation of a virtual environment that facilitates meeting the teaching objectives and drawing on the available resources.

On the other hand, in e-learning, the teacher and the student’s role are different from those assumed in a traditional teaching process.

The e-learning is a student-centered and promotes collaborative learning. It is the student who mostly manages and builds their knowledge, and, for this reason. It becomes essential to maintain constant monitoring and communication – both with the teacher and with peers – through various resources offered by technology.

At a time like the one we are currently experiencing, all educational institutions face the enormous challenge of continuing their work and, above all, of solving effectively and efficiently the challenges posed by distance education.

There is no doubt that e-learning is the best option to continue offering educational services without diminishing quality. The big questions teachers and administrators face are how to do it and how to do it in the shortest time possible.

The first step is to have the school management software. Specifically, easy-to-use software that allows us to offer the service, house the different types of learning materials designed and offer in one place the communication, management, monitoring, and evaluation tools required for both the pedagogical field, as for the administrative.

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