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Smart School Manager for Smart Schools

Most Affordable School Management System Software. No Per Student Charges, No Monthly/Yearly Charges

School Management Software System

User Friendly

It's easy to work on Smart School Manager. Online School Management Software System on your first login, without any instructions. All you need is the basic knowledge of operating a computer.

Online School Management Software


You do not have to install anything on your computer. Because It is an Online School ERP Software, that means you use it in your favorite browser.

Best School ERP Software App

Go Green

Using Smart School Software makes your institution eco friendly. All data and your reports are stores on the server. Most importantly, the use of paper and files are necessary only when needed.

Best School Management Software

Unlimited Users

Smart School Manager - School Management System is very affordable. It comes with no limits on the number of students, teachers, and parent logins.

Why Smart School Management Software?

School Software developed by expert designers under the suggestions made by experienced academicians and educational administrators. The Smart School Software web-based School ERP Software App is simple and user friendly.

Top School Management System Software

Cost Saving

Automation of school processes helps in reducing costs and brings a lot of savings for you.

Online School Management System

Feature Rich

Smart School Manager - Smart School ERP Software is full of all the features you need to run a School.

Institute Management System

Fully Responsive

Smart School Manager - School Management System is a Fully Responsive System. It automatically adjusts and adapts to any device screen size.

College Management System Software

Anytime, Anywhere

Manage your School on the go, anytime. Get access and manage essential reports, records, check status and more with School Management System.

Everything You Need to Manage Your School

  • Master Admin Panel

  • Admin Panel

  • Student Panel

  • Parents Panel

  • Teacher Panel

  • Accountant Panel

  • Librarian Panel

  • Receptionist Panel

  • School Website

  • LMS

  • Registration

  • Academic Years

  • Study Material

  • Assignments

  • Online Examination Management

  • Payroll

  • Class Management

  • Section Management

  • Class Schedule

  • Exam Schedule

  • News Board

  • Calendar Management

  • Events Management

  • Mail / SMS

  • Student Promotion

  • Student Attendance

  • Staff Attendance

  • Leave Application

  • Hostel Management

  • Dormitories Management

  • Library Management

  • Transportation

  • Accounting

  • Fee Management

  • Online Fee

  • Payment Gateway

  • Multi-Language

  • Multi Themes

  • Create Pages

  • SMS Gateway

& many more

Why do schools love Smart School Manager?

Do all this and more with your Smart School Management System Software .

Free Mobile-Friendly School Website

Smart School Manager is an All-in-One School Management System Software. It also comes with a free mobile-friendly responsive school website.

Today, it is important to note that having a website. For your School, college, or institute is almost as essential as having a phone number. A well-designed responsive school website. Can play the role of a digital showcase for your School. It improves your communication. And allow parents and students to get in contact directly.

Smart School ERP Software Website Includes:

  • Responsive / Mobile Friendly
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • Easy to use Website Editor
  • Add Unlimited Pages
  • Add Unlimited Images
  • Multiple Design
  • News
  • Events
  • Contact Form
  • Map
  • Gallery
  • Banner Slider
  • Media Manager
  • Social Media Button
  • SEO Friendly

Smart Learning Management System (LMS)

It's time to move beyond traditional learning. The Smart School Manager's learning management system (LMS). is reinventing the way students experience training and education. Now with a more engaging learning experience, more collaborative and more efficient.

The learning management system (LMS) allows teachers to create and manage the online study material. Homework, assignments, syllabus, and interact with their students.

For schools, the use of an LMS is essential. But, many schools still use books to boost students' memories. Using a computer, a tablet, or any mobile device allows you to bring a playful side to their learning. That is what a learning platform can help you.

Smart School System Learning Platform:

No longer wait for students to open their books. In other words, bring knowledge directly to them on their device. Above all, accessibility, interactivity, and multimedia: this is the real meaning of LMS.

Our Smart School Management Software learning platform. It helps you to design attractive online study material: homework and assignments. You can manage them and send them to your students. Students can enjoy a peaceful learning experience.

Our School ERP Software LMS App allows you to create online material easily. Above all, you can enhance them with online examination management. That your participants can pass or fail. Moreover, you define the grade to get and decide if the marks allow you to get a certificate.

Smart Learning with Smart School Management Software

Traditionally, it's time-consuming to specialized program training. Your student once a month, semester, or year. And you are trying to get them together in a classroom. To follow your lessons, giving them paper exams and correct and mark all the exam papers.

Not only does this waste your time (and that of your staff!). But these old methods are also costly. So this is the reason why many schools never put this in place.

A Smart School Management App LMS (learning management system) App saves you a lot of time and money. You create your online study material and exams once and for all and then share them online with your students.

Your students can then learn directly from their device. (whether during school hours or outside). Their exam papers are corrected and scored automatically. So, you receive it on your panel each time. Someone completes online examination management. Isn't it simpler?

Consistency of learning:

Allocate your material using an LMS allows you to centralize its content. So that all students have only one source of content, instructions, and questions. No more excuses for outdated resources and books: everyone is up to date.

Learning goes beyond the classroom with a Smart School ERP Software:

Your students can access educational content from any device. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your students can take their courses, take online tests. And access informative content at the most suitable time for them: at home, or on vacation.

Academics Management with School Management Software

Smart School Management System allows a school, college, and institute to manage the day-to-day academic work easily.

Our Smart School Software develops to manage all the working of schools and institutions. Our Web-Based Software app design. Based on the real requirements and needs of any type of school and whatever the size.

It is a complete Web Based School Management Software. That allows parents and students, pupils, teachers, and administrative staff. To edit, consult, print, and modify all the information schools online.

Features of School Management Software

Smart School Manager has many features. That allows you to present the school, its activities, its courses, and manages its academic work.

School ERP Software makes it possible to control the information of the students. From the first communication with a perspective. Through the whole life cycle of admissions, registrations, school, and academic courses.

Academic Management Includes:

  • Online Admission
  • Student Fee Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Profile
  • Student Login Information
  • Student Login Information
  • Student SMS Notifications
  • Mark Sheets
  • Student Home Work
  • Student Assignments
  • Student History
  • Class Time Table
  • Exam Time Table
  • Course Info
  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Exam Attendance
  • Leave request & approval
  • Attendance SMS to parents
  • Class and sections mapping
  • Time table
  • Class Subjects
  • Subject Assigning
  • Class Teacher Assigning
  • Exam Arrangements
  • Book Title and Description
  • ISBN base Record
  • Total Books
  • Books Issue Requests
  • Issued Books record
  • Book return and Fine
  • Book Categories
  • Stock count
  • Authors Record
  • Book price and price list
  • Driver Licence Information
  • Vehicle Number
  • Routes
  • Routes Schedule
  • Driver Information
  • Vehicle & Student Allocation
  • & much more!

The Accounting Solution for your School

Smart School Manager is a School ERP Software. Combining features and ease of use so that school can easily manage its accounting. Most importantly, the school administration software. It adapts perfectly to the needs of all sizes of schools.

Smart School Software provides you with powerful tools for more in-depth analysis. You can now better management of your school's accounting.

School Management Software Accounting Management Includes:

  • Students Fee Collection
  • Paid vs. Due Analysis
  • Financial Graphs
  • Payment Slip
  • Generate student Fee
  • Fee Control
  • Income & expenses
  • Dues Control System
  • Fee statement
  • Fees Master

A Powerful School ERP Software for HR & Payroll Management!

Smart School Manager ensures the day-to-day management. Payroll and the HR administrative management of the staff of your school. HR & payroll management offers you many possibilities. And in line with the working methods of each user and the most complex payroll situations in your school.

Recognized as the best school administration software, so it is simple to use. However, Smart School Software meets all the needs of the school and easily adapts to new social rules. Thanks to its flexibility of use and its user-friendly interface. And payroll management brings productivity and performance to your school!

Smart School HR & Payroll Management Includes:

  • Staff Directories & Login Profiles
  • Staff Payroll
  • Staff Leave Control Management
  • Leave Applications & Approvals
  • Staff Designation
  • Department
  • Staff New Entries
  • Salary Slip
  • Employees Deductions
  • Employees Attendance

Detailed Reports with School Management System Software

Smart School Management App allows school, college, or institute. Quickly generate detailed reports of various administrative and school operations.

For more organization and time-saving School ERP Software offers you the report module . It allows you to plan and generate detailed reports to recover the right data at the right time.

School administration software also creates personalized reports. It meets your specific needs to improve operational efficiency. The export module allows you to export. Excel, CSV, and PDF files containing the information you select.

You can choose from a large number of predefined reports. And have a daily and quick overview: attendance, examination Management, and fees for better management of your school.

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

There are many good reasons why you should consider using Smart School Manager in the school. For example, the Smart School Software allows students. Become more independent and productive students. Even students with severe disabilities can go further using this software.

Smart School Management App can also allow students to get information. And align it in ways that would have been very difficult. And if they are using other channels, even to saving time and costs.

For example, information obtained from external sources can also use. And even, it is easy to experiment with the detail of the reports that are for the class. These features can have a highly motivational effect on students.

Important Benefits of School Software

The proper functioning of your school depends on the workflow that goes smoothly in each department. However, the administration department of an institution requires primary attention since most documentation work occurs here.

Technology and the Internet will help you efficiently complete those jobs. That consumes much faster with a higher level of accuracy, thanks to smart school software.

A Smart School ERP Software handles the administration of an educational center. It makes it much more comfortable. Simply put, it acts as a central organizing center. That enables all administration, learning, monitoring, marketing. And evaluation to take place in one place.

Smart School Management Software for your School

School staff works hard every day in each of their tasks. So that they have a good result, but for one reason or another, they may fail. Often, the failure is made by the use of unreliable and complicated computer systems to use.

Choosing a good school management app adapted to the needs of your school. Will always be the best decision to avoid any type of mistake.

A Smart school management app will help you provide the Smart School Software tools. Your school needs to control and execute each department effectively. Mainly, these types of features can help you:

  • Manage the admission processes.
  • Manage grades and assists.
  • Control the financial management of the center.
  • Maintain good communication between school and parents.
  • Implement through the faculty each of the decisions made in the different departments.

More student data at your fingertips

Annual student data can be stored, and organized in a simple and accessible format. And making it easy to make data available in seconds whenever needed instantly.

Schedule management with School ERP Software

The preparation of schedules is another job that requires a lot of time. And for the team of the school management office. And with the school management system app, it will be easy to create schedules with the absence of specific staff automatically.

That makes the administration of substitutions easier. If a teacher is absent from the center.

Complete monitoring of students

The School management software system can also help your school to follow the progress. And each student in their academic activities, curricular activities, sports, and more.

Operational advantages

Smart School software app will also provide many benefits for schools. Such as low-cost maintenance services. Reduced administrative staff, full operational automation. and more time to focus on strategic tasks. Schools can also use the School Software to track attendance. And to get attendance records for each teacher, as well as other employees.

User-Friendly & Flexible

The school management system is customizable and supports multiple languages. You can choose modules according to your requirement and use them for easy access.

Improve teaching standards with School Management Software

It is a fact that smart school app can improve the quality of teaching. And it helps better communication between parents and teachers. It is very beneficial for student growth as well as school success.

Ease teaching work

Teaching is not a simple world to manage. With student attendance management, the school management system software makes it easy. And to keep absences up-to-date and saving teachers a lot of time.

Time to create new teaching plans. And even to plan activities. that help children learn some of the more complicated subjects very quickly.

Improve communication with the School Management System

The school management app can help improve the quality of interactions. And between students, teachers, and parents.

Parents will be able to interact with the school administration and teachers quickly. And receive clear and detailed information online. It is about their child's attendance or progress reports.

Administrative and billing management area

Smart School Management Software app allows you to configure a payment schedule. Maintain full control over pending receipts. Have access to management reports, manage the treasury of the center, etc.

Academic management area

It offers functions such as a schedule generator, a report card generator. And the possibility of managing the documentation, or even operating other activities.

Teachers, for example, can enter grades, create, and check partials. Create entries on the class board and keep control of class attendance. Manage tutorials and do a detailed academic follow-up by the student, and by subject.

Parents can monitor the student by consulting the date of the partials and the grades. Check attendance and class incidents, request tutoring, check class schedules, etc.

Communications Area

In the communication area, a Smart School Software for educational centers. It allows for effective communication between parents, students, and teachers.

It makes it possible to create communication with different senders. And in compliance with the data protection law. These can be from emails, SMS communications to the Smart School Software. Moreover, the staff of the school can publish a calendar of the center. Communicate all kinds of notices and news. That appears automatically in the public area of the Website for students and families, etc.

Some more Benefits of School ERP Software

  • Time savings in administrative tasks such as billing, receipt collection. Enrollment in extracurricular activities, route management, class lists, or mass communications.
  • An improvement in contact with families by providing a modern means of communicating. And with families via the web, which allows mass but personalized communication.
  • Smart School Software is an excellent medium to help families requesting interviews with teachers. In which parents can choose between all possible hours. Ease the modification or cancellation.
  • It allows for better monitoring of collections and defaults.
  • Smart School Software allows forecasting of the treasury, banks, and monthly and annual budgets.
  • It provides teachers with a tool to check the classroom. By sharing information with families and the school's head of studies.
  • It improves the management of the official documentation of the center quickly. And safely, adapted to the latest changes in legislation.
  • It facilitates immediate communication by allowing the center's plan. Any news or notice to easily publish through the web.
  • It helps to have effective school planning. Thanks to the use of tools such as the schedule generator. Smart School Software allows choosing between several options. So introducing all kinds of variables and automatically publishing schedules. For the entire educational community.

Now that you have recognized some of the various advantages. Of using School Management Software. How about implementing an efficient system in your school? Contact us to learn about the possibilities of our Smart School Management Software System.

Amazing Experience

There is no other School Management System that can provide your school with a full suite of features. That Smart School Manager - Online School Management ERP offers - today.

Smart School Manager (School ERP Software System). It provides a full range of features that give the best possible experience, including solutions for online examination management and library management.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Smart School Manager is very Affordable & It will be Install on your web hosting server. You need not create an account on third party systems. Just pay only once, and there are no monthly /yearly charges, No per student charges, and No hidden charges.

Use our Online School ERP Software for a lifetime. Without any renewal and get world-class features much better than any third party System.

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